On the eve of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s visit to Washington, please join us to discuss pros and cons of the Italian Constitutional Reform that will be voted in a popular referendum on December 4th.
Simone Baldelli, Vice President of Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament
Daniele Calabrese, President of the DC Committee for the Constitutional Reform
Federiga Bindi, Senior Fellow, CTR, will moderate the debate.
Please note that the debate will take place in Italian

Simone Baldelli, Vice Presidente, Camera dei Deputati
Daniele Calabrese, Presidente, Comitato del Si di Washington DC
Federiga Bindi, Sr Fellow, CTR-SAIS Johns Hopkins introdurrà e modererà il dibattito.

Simone Baldelli began his political career in the Radical Party. As the Italian political system collapsed in the early 1900s, he joined Forza Italia, of which he became President of the Youth Movement in 1999. In 2000, at 27, he was elected the youngest regional deputy in the Lazio region. In 2006, he was then elected in Parliament, of which he will become Vice President in 2013. Among others, he is the author of a manual of Italian Parliamentary procedures, translated in English as The Italian Whip and of a satirical comic book Stai Sereno – Mica Tanto.

Daniele Calabrese is the Co-founder and CEO of Streamago, together with Renato Soru – the internet pioneer and founder and Tiscali. Previously, Daniele was founder and CEO of Soundtracker. Daniele has a MA from Georgetown and worked for the World Bank in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. He is the President of the Washington Committee for the reform of the Italian Constitution.

Federiga Bindi is a Senior Fellow at CTR at SAIS-JHU, in addition to holding the Dan German Distinguished Visiting Chair at AppState, NC and the Jean Monnet Chair at UniRome Tor Vergata, where she was the founding director of the EU Center. She served in the US Senate SFRC under John Kerry and in several senior policy and managerial positions with the Italian governament. She published seven volumes, among which The Foreign Policy of the EU ; The Frontiers of Europe: A Transatlantic Problem?; Italy and the EU .