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The Atlantic Basin’s four ‘continental’ energy and transportation systems have each been configured within the respective limits imposed by their concrete geographies and specific histories in their corresponding ‘continental’ spheres. As such, they are distinct from each other, and relatively independent and autonomous. Yet they are all linked by and through the maritime energy and transportation space of the Atlantic Basin. As an interconnected pan-Atlantic whole, this Atlantic Basin energy and transportation network is as large in scale and depth as the Asian and Pacific energy and transportation worlds. It represents the infrastructural backbone of the Western World.

This conference seeks to explore the drivers, dynamics and limits of this Atlantic Basin energy and transportation world, and to map its contemporary technical, economic, social and political contours. Current status quo configurations (geographical, technical, market, policy) and business-as-usual trajectories of these five transportation regimes – four ‘continental’ terrestrial systems and one pan-Atlantic Basin maritime transportation system which links them together – will be examined, along with the new types of energy policy and transportation infrastructure requirements (and new transnational and pan-Atlantic collaboration mechanisms) that could be demanded by any future Atlantic Basin pathways consistent with the Paris Accord’s objective to defend the 2-degree guardrail.