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Transatlantic digital connections have become the backbone of the $5.5 trillion transatlantic economy. They enable fast cross-border delivery of a variety of services that were once considered non-tradable. Yet is difficult to measure or define the digital economy’s impact on trade and innovation.

The Transatlantic Digital Economy 2017: How and Why it Matters for the United States, Europe and the World, fills this gap. The study is the first of its kind to measure and assess the importance of the digital connections binding the US and Europe. It offers a Top Ten set of metrics of US-EU digital links and addresses current challenges, as well as future opportunities.

Daniel Hamilton is an award-winning author on the transatlantic economy and the Founding Director of the Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Transatlantic Relations, which is regularly rated the number one university think tank in Washington in peer-reviewed rankings.

Representative Erik Paulsen & Representative Suzan DelBene, Members of Congress

Dr. Daniel S. Hamilton
Author, The Transatlantic Digital Economy 2017; Executive Director, Center for Transatlantic Relations

The Transatlantic Digital Economy is available for purchase here and download here.