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Corruption in the west is no longer a taboo issue since it is current in public discussion in both the US and the EU. But questions surrounding the dynamics of corruption are only just being recognised. In a new book, ‘Unmasked : Corruption in the West’ Laurence Cockcroft and Anne-Christine Wegener explore the structure of corruption across nine sectors in both the US and the EU, ranging from politics and finance to sport and the environment. They show that in each of these areas decisions and outcomes are being determined by money rather than the public interest and that a recognition of this by the public has played into the rise of populist politics.

‘Unmasked: Corruption in the West’ examines corruption in political finance, lobbying, multinational companies, the judiciary and the police, environmental regulation, and sport. This a unique analysis of corruption in Europe and America showing how far the west has to go to clean its own house – while the world is watching. Laurence Cockcroft and Anne-Christine Wegener analyse corruption in the ‘developed’ world of the USA and Europe and show how deep the problem has become across the economy and society.


Laurence Cockcroft,
Author, ‘Unmasked: Corruption in the West’
Christian Caryl,
Editor, Global Opinions, The Washington Post
Jana Morgan,
Director, Publish What You Pay United States


Shaazka Beyerle,
2017 Jennings Randolph Senior Fellow, U.S. Institute of Peace, and author, Curtailing Corruption: People Power for Accountability and Justice (Lynne Rienner 2014).