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In Ukraine in the winter of 2013-14 thousands of people took to the streets demanding the resignation of the government. Out on Maidan Square, women attended to the wounded, published newspapers, wrote articles, aided journalists through translation services and organized screenings of documentary films. Maidan broke down gender stereotypes in important ways. Though women took on some traditional roles, they also shook up the status quo by directly participating on the front lines. Women donned gas masks, helmets, padded vests and camouflage jackets while fighting alongside men.

Join the Women@IR – WeBind Project for a seminar on Women in Political Revolutions looking at Ukraine featuring visiting expert Dr. Lara Piccardo. A light lunch will be provided.

Dr. Lara Piccardo, Professor of International Relations at the University of Genoa, is an expert on Eastern European Relations.

Dr. Federiga Bindi, is a Senior Fellow at SAIS Johns Hopkins University in Washington DC. and Director of Foreign Policy Initiative at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.