Areas of Expertise:
  • Russia

Professor of Economics,
Director, Centre for Post-Industrial Studies
Born: October 10th, 1968, in Gorkiy (currently – Nizhniy Novgorod) in the Soviet Union (now – Russian Federation).
Citizenship: Russian Federation.
Education: Department of Economics, Moscow State Lomonossov University, Soviet Union (graduated 1989).
Academic degrees:
Candidate of Economic Sciences (equal to Western Ph.D.) from Department of Economics, Moscow State Lomonossov University, Russian Federation (awarded 1994); Doctor of Economic Sciences (equal to full Prefessorship) from Institute for World Economy and International Relations of Russia’s Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation (awarded 1999).
Teaching experience:
2002-2003: Moscow State University for International Relations: courses in economic globalization and catching-up development;
2004-2007: Higher School of Economics, Department for Public Administration: courses in international finance and trade, Russia-Europe bilateral trade and investment relations, CIS economies;
2010-2012: Moscow State Lomonossov University, Department for Public Governance, Chair of the Section for International Economic Relations: courses in global economic dynamics, Russia’s place in a global world, economics of global energy, political relations between Russia and the world, economics and politics of the European and Eurasian integration;
2014-onwards: Higher School of Economics, Department of Social Sciences: courses on global political system, current Russia’s foreign policy, catching-up economic development, problems of oil and commodity dependence (my page on the HSE’s website –
Research experience:
Since 1996: Founder and Director of a Russian think-tank, Center for Post-Industrial Studies [] (more than 20 reports and books published since than, some ordered by Russian President’s Administration, Ministry for Regional Development, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry for Economic Development, Central Bank of Russia, several regional administrations, Sberbank, Far Eastern Shipping Co., etc) .
2008-2010: Member of Staff, Russia’s State Commission for Modernization under President Dmitriy Medvedev, several reports and papers written.
2012-2014: Leading Researcher, Russia’s Council on Productive Capacities [], a joint organization by Russian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry for Economic Development, regular research work.
2012-2013: Senior visiting fellow, Institut fuer die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (Institute for Human Sciences, IWM []), Vienna, Austria
2013-2014: Senior visiting fellow, Center for Strategic and International Stud-ies, Washington (DC) [], United States
2015: Senior visiting fellow, Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Auswaertige Politik (German Society for Foreign Policy, DGAP []), Berlin, Germany
2015-2016: Senior visiting fellow, Brzezinski Institute with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington (DC) [], United States
Since Feb., 2016: Non-resident senior fellow, The Atlantic Council, Washing-ton (DC) [], United States
Associations and awards:
Since 2000: Member (in 2004-2011 – Presidium Member), Council of the Foreign and Defense Policy [], Moscow, Russia
Since 2010: Member and Member of the Scientic Council, Russian International Affairs Council [], Moscow, Russia
Since 2011: Member of the Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation (the so called ‘Open Government’)
2011-2013: Member of the Collegium for the Ministry for Regional Development of the Russian Federation
Different awards for academic and political writings, including the Politprosvet Price 2015 for the economic and political writings from the Dynasty Foundation (now dissolved because of its opposition to Mr Putin’s policies).
Member of the Valdai discussion Club (Moscow, Russia) (present at 8 of 11 annual sessions) [], Yalta European Strategy Forum (Kiyv, Ukraine, since 2014 []), Brussels Forum (since 2009 []), etc.
Business career:
1994-1999: Co-founder, co-owner and Deputy CEO of joint-stock Moscow-Paris Bank (Moscow, Russian Federation)
1999-2003: CEO and Chairman of the Board, Moscow-Paris Bank (Moscow, Russian Federation)
2009-2011: Independent Director, LSR Group (, major Russian construction and development company (St. Petersburg. Russian Federation)
Organizational activites & teamwork:
2010-2011: Head of the Organizing Committee, Global Political Forum at Ya-roslavl, Russia (attended by President Dmitriy Medvedev, Chancellor Angela Merkel, etc.)
Political activities:
2011-2012: Member of Pravoye Delo political party, Number 5 in the federal list of the Party for the Russian Parliamentary elections in December, 2011
2012: Member of Mikhial Prokhorov election team (came 3rd with 9 percent of the popular vote in Russian Presidential elections in March 2012), being the sole author of Mr Prokhorov’s Presidential program
2013-2014: Chairman of Grazhganskaya Sila (Civic Force) political party
In 2014 I quit the Russian politics because I think it has ended.
A strong opponent of President Putin, one of the first 200 signatories of the petition “Putin Must Leave” (2010) [].
Publishing activities:
2003-2011: Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Svobodnaya Mysl’ (Free Thought) political and economic monthly
2003-2009: Co-Founder and Chairman of Academic Advisory Council of the Russia in Global Affairs [] quarterly published (in coopera-tion with Foreign Affairs)
2006-2007: Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Russian edition of Le Monde Diplomatique political and economic monthly (in cooperation with Novaya Gazeta)
2003-2010: Translator and Publisher in Russia of more than 10 books of world renown thinkers like H.Kissinger, D.Bell, F.Zakaria, I.Wallerstein, A.Etzioni, S.Benhabib, P.Krugman, U.Beck, etc.
More than 15 books published in Russia since 1996, some of them translated into French, English and Chinese, published in France, UK, US, and China (all available through and related publishers), more than
400 articles in academic journals, and around 2000 texts in daily and weekly press throughout the world (list of most important in English and some other languages [except Russian-language ones and internet publications] attached).
Since mid-2000s I have been a columnist at several Russian newspapers – Vedomosti (a joint Russian project of Wall Street Journal and Financial Times), RBC daily, Moskovski Komsomolets, Argumenti i Fakty, and weekly magazines – Newsweek Russia, Profile, and Ogoniok. Since 2014 I begun to write for the most popular Russian internet resources such as, and Several publications received more than 1m retrieves.
In 2010-2016 my articles have been published in Wall Street Journal Europe, International Herald Tribune (currently – International New York Times), Washington Times, Le Monde (Paris), Handelsblatt and Berliner Zeitung (Ber-lin), Wiener Zeitung (Vienna), Gazeta Wyborcza (Warsaw), NRC Handelsblad (Amsterdam), El Pais and La Razon (Madrid), Novoye Vremya, Ukrainskaya Pravda and Kraina (Kiyv), Gulf News (Dubai) and Caijing (Beijing) among more than 30 others.
Languages spoken:
Russian (native), English (fluent), German (fluent), French (basics)