Sasha Toperich and Andy Mullins, Editors



A New Paradigm: Perspectives on the Changing Mediterranean is a collection of essays by scholars and activists from the north and south Mediterranean, Europe, and the United States. The contributors draw on their diverse experiences and perspectives to shine a light on a number of current and emerging Mediterranean issues and offer policy recommendations to tackle the challenges in the region. Taken as a whole, the volume suggests that greater international cooperation and inclusiveness are needed to promote a freer, more prosperous future for the people living in the broader Mediterranean Basin.


List of Chapters:

Chapter 1 Tunisia’s Awakening Economy:A Trilateral Vision, Ghazi Ben Ahmed

Chapter 2 Libya Deserves Better, Ghazi Ben Ahmed and Adel Awni Dajani

Chapter 3 An Alternative for Improving Human Security in the Middle East and North Africa, Aylin Ünver Noi

Chapter 4 North Africa Awakening: New Hopes for Faster and Inclusive Growth, Ghazi Ben Ahmed and Slim Othmani

Chapter 5 Libya: The Major Security Concern in Africa? Olivier Guitta

Chapter 6 The Arab Spring and Egypt’s Open Season against Women, Emily Dyer

Chapter 7 Looking for Lessons: What Transitions from across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Can Offer the Middle East, Edward P. Joseph

Chapter 8 Lebanon’s Arab Spring: The Cedar Revolution Nine Years On, Rupert Sutton

Chapter 9 Europe’s “Rio Grande:”(Im)mobility in the Mediterranean, Leila Hadj-Abdou

Chapter 10 The Mediterranean Diasporas’ Role: Pathway to Prosperity? Andy Mullins

Chapter 11 Libyan Women: Past, Present, and Future, Intisar S. Azzuz

Chapter 12 UN Security Council Resolution 1325: “Women, Peace, and Security”, Samra Filipović-Hadžiabdić

Chapter 13 Women’s Entrepreneurship in North Africa: Looking into the Western Balkans’ Experience, Dajana Džindo

Chapter 14 Is the Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Nordic States an Inspiration for Women in North Africa? Marianne Aringberg Laanatza and Camilla af Hällström

Chapter 15 Glass Ceilings and Constitutional Barriers: Challenges to Effective Political Participation by Women and Others in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Valery Perry

Chapter 16 Early Marriage in Morocco, Anissa Naqrachi

Chapter 17 Tunisian Women: Political Role, Gains and Challenges (The Case of Parity), Najla Abbes

Chapter 18 Political Parties in Algeria: The Position of Women in Operation and Representation, Nadia Ait-Zai

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