Paul Isbell & Eloy Álvarez, Editors



The product of strategic collaboration between CTR and Orkestra (Basque Institute for Competitiveness) at Deusto University, this volume draws out a broad new view of the future of energy in the Atlantic Basin. The authors comprise a diverse range of Atlantic Basin energy thinkers and practitioners. They provide a multifaceted view of the new and evolving energy land- and seascapes of the Atlantic Basin, including the shale, offshore and low carbon revolutions. The overall result not only allows for new perspectives on a global sector in transformation but also helps reveal a new Atlantic world, grounded in emerging energy dynamics for cooperation.

Africa and Latin America are given special focus in recognition of the new “Southern Atlantic” as a key creative component in any new Atlantic Community. Other innovative perspectives are also showcased, including sub-state regional or municipal views and a new revealing angle of analytical vision provided by the “Atlantic energy seascape.” Energy policy and regulatory reform are analyzed from both traditional and “pan-Atlantic” points of view, while nascent “pan-Atlantic” cooperative mechanisms (like the Atlantic Energy Forum) are introduced.

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