Daniel S. Hamilton and Taras Kuzio, Editors



Leading experts and political leaders from Europe and North America explore the political, economic, and foreign policy possibilities of a more politically progressive Ukraine in the heart of Europe. They investigate the obstacles that have turned Ukraine into an immobile state and offer specific recommendations that would open Ukraine by breaking its reform logjam.


Chapter-1 Politics and Democracy in Ukraine, Serhiy Kudelia

Chapter-2 National Integration and National Identity in Ukraine, Olexiy Haran

Chapter-3 Corruption, Rule of Law, and Ukraine, Bohdan Vitvitsky

Chapter-4 Ukrainian Economy and Economic Reforms, Marcin Swiecicki

Chapter-5 Ukraine’s Energy and Security Challenges: Implications for the EU, Frank Umbach

Chapter-6 Ukraine and European Integration, Peter Balazs

Chapter-7 Ukraine and Transatlantic Integration, F. Stephen Larrabee

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