Daniel S. Hamilton and Stefan Meister, Editors

Authors Include:

  • Ian Bond
  • William Courtney
  • Segei Guriev
  • Daniel S. Hamilton
  • Hiski Haukkala
  • John E. Herbst
  • Vladislav L. Inozemtsev
  • Donald N. Jensen
  • Andrew C. Kuchins
  • F. Stephen Larrabee
  • Stefan Meister
  • Marie Mendras
  • Marek Menkiszak



The Future of Europe’s east is open. Can the societies of this vast region become more democratic and secure and integrate into the European mainstream? Or are they destined to become failed, fractured lands of grey mired in the stagnation and turbulence historically characteristic of Europe’s borderlands? How and why is Russia seeking to influence these developments, and what is the future of Russia itself? How should the West engage?

In this book, leading experts explore the dramatic changes underway in Europe’s east and offer recommendations for Western policy.


List of chapters:

Chapter 1 – Eastern Challenges by Daniel S. Hamilton and Stefan Meister

Chapter 2 – Western Dilemmas by Daniel S. Hamilton and Stefan Meister

Chapter 3 – Russia’s Putin and Putin’s Russia: How They Work and What We Should Expect by Vladislav L. Inozemtsev

Chapter 4 – Russia and the West: What Went Wrong and Can We Do Better? by Marek Menkiszak

Chapter 5 – The West and Russia: From Acute Conflict to Long-Term Crisis Management by Marie Mendras

Chapter 6 – Western Strategy toward Russia by Segei Guriev

Chapter 7 – Western Strategy toward Russia and the Post-Soviet Space by William Courtney

Chapter 8 – Twilight of the Putin Era? By Donald N. Jensen

Chapter 9 – When Could We See the Normalization of Russia’s Relations with the West? By Andrew C. Kuchins

Chapter 10 – Forsaken Territories? The Emergence of Europe’s Grey Zone and Western Policy by John E. Herbst

Chapter 11 – A Bridge Too Far? How to Prevent the Unraveling of Western Policies toward Wider Europe by Hiski Haukkala

Chapter 12 – An Eastern Partnership for Peace: Why NATO and the EU need a Coordinated Approach to their Former Soviet Neighbors by Ian Bond

Chapter 13 – Western Policy toward Wider Europe by F. Stephen Larrabee


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