Manuel Castells and Gustavo Cardoso, Editors


This volume explores the patterns and dynamics of the network society in its policy dimension, ranging from the knowledge economic, based in technology and innovation, to the organizational reform and modernization in the public sector, focusing also the media and communication policies. The Network Society is our society, a society made of individuals, businesses and state operating from
the local, national and into the international arena. Although our societies have many things in common they are also the product of different choices and historical identities. In this volume we chose to focus both what we have considered to be already network societies and also those who are going through a transition process. Accepting the invitation from President Jorge Sampaio to discuss the knowledge economy and the network society from a policy point a view was a challenge that we and the different authors that have contributed to this book believe was worth it.


Chapter-1 The Network Society: From Knowledge to Policy, Manuel Castells

Chapter-2 Societies in Transition to the Network Society, Gustavo Cardoso

Chapter-3 Information Technology and the World Economy, Dale W. Jorgenson and Khuong Vu

Chapter-4 Innovation, Technology and Productivity: Why Europe Lags Behind the United States and Why Various European Economies Differ in Innovation and Productivity, Luc Soete

Chapter-5 Central Issues in the Political Development of the Virtual State, Jane E. Fountain

Chapter-6 Uses of Internet and Mobile Technology in Health Systems: Organizational and Social Issues in a Comparative Context, James Katz, Ronald E. Rice and Sophia Acord

Chapter-7 E-Learning and the Transformation of Education for a Knowledge Economy, Betty Collis

Chapter-8 Reshaping the State and its Relationship with Citizens: the Short, Medium and Long-term Potential of ICT’s, Geoff Mulgan

Chapter-9 The IP TV Revolution, Jonathan Taplin

Chapter-10 Television and Internet in the Construction of identity, Imma Tubella

Chapter-11 Geeks, Bureaucrats and Cowboys: Deploying Internet Infrastructure, the Wireless Way, François Bar and Hernan Galperin

Chapter-12 Free Software and Social and Economic Development, Marcelo Branco

Chapter-13 Internet and Society in a Global Perspective: Lessons from Five Years in the Field, Jeff Cole

Chapter-15 Challenges of the Global Information Society, Pekka Himanen

Chapter-16 Policies of Transition to the Network Society in Europe, Erkki Liikanen

Chapter-17 ICT as a Part of the Chilean Strategy for Development: Present and Challenges, Carlos Alvarez

Chapter-18 The European Way To A Knowledge-Intensive Economy—The Lisbon Strategy, Maria João Rodrigues

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