Daniel S. Hamilton and Joseph P. Quinlan, Editors



The Transatlantic Economy 2016 annual survey offers the most up-to-date set of facts and figures describing the deep economic integration binding Europe and the United States. It documents European-sourced jobs, trade and investment in each of the 50 U.S. states, and U.S.-sourced jobs, trade and investment in each member state of the European Union and other European countries. It reviews key headline trends and helps readers understand the distinctive nature of transatlantic economic relations. Key sectors of the transatlantic economy are integrating as never before. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership currently being negotiated across the Atlantic could transform the U.S-European relationship. Europeans and Americans have become so intertwined that they are literally in each other’s business. These linkages underpin a multi-trillion dollar economy that generates millions of jobs on both sides of the Atlantic. The Transatlantic Economy 2016 offers a clear picture of the ‘deep integration’ forces shaping the U.S.-European economic relationship today; explains how TTIP and transatlantic flows of investment, goods and services, people and ideas affect local communities on each side of the Atlantic; shows how these interdependencies have shifted in recent years; and suggests how decision-makers can address the accompanying opportunities and challenges. In the context of today’s debates about jobs, competitiveness, financial crisis, changing economic fortunes and rising powers, The Transatlantic Economy 2016 provides key insights about the United States and Europe in the global economy, with often counterintuitive connections with important implications for policymakers, business leaders, and local officials.


List of Chapters:

Chapter 1 – A Testing Time for the Transatlantic Economy

Chapter 2 – Deep Integration: Revisiting the Ties that Bind

Chapter 3 – Understanding the Transatlantic Digital Economy

Chapter 4 – The 50 U.S. States: European-Related Jobs, Trade and Investment

Chapter 5 – European Countries: U.S.-Related Jobs, Trade and Investment


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