NEW! The Transatlantic Economy 2018

The most up-to-date facts:

European-related jobs, trade and investment in each of the 50 United States

U.S.-related jobs, trade and investment in all EU countries, plus Norway, Switzerland and Turkey

Life After TTIP?

CTR Director Dan Hamilton runs through the options here

Debating Security Plus 2018

Conflict, Competition and Cooperation in an Interconnected World

Domestic Determinants of Foreign Policy in the European Union and the United States

How demographic shifts, changing economic fortunes, public opinion, institutions and personalities are making a difference.

The Russia File: Russia and the West in an Unordered World

A new book presenting Russian views on relations with Western countries.

The Latest from our Transatlantic Must-Reads

Black Sea, Caucasus, China, EU, Europe, Germany, Hungary, Migration, Russia, Trade, UK, Ukraine, US

Note: The Must-Reads will return with the 2018-2019 Academic Year starting in September.
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