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After an earthquake of an election in the US, Europe now faces three critical elections of its own – next week in the Netherlands; next month in France; and at the end of the summer in Germany.  Just as anti-establishment fervor from Europe proved to be a harbinger for the American Presidential election, will there now be a ‘Trump effect’ in Europe, propelling populists into power?  Or are other trends and priorities driving the European voter?  Perhaps the early shaky start of the Trump Administration has cooled Europe’s ardor for disruptive politics?

Join us as we discuss the outlook of these three critical elections – and implications for the US – with:

Benjamin Haddad, a research fellow at Hudson Institute specializing in European and transatlantic affairs. A lecturer in international affairs at Sciences Po Paris, Haddad has briefed and advised senior French leaders on foreign policy issues.
Ina Ruck, Bureau Chief, ARD German Radio & TV, Studio Washington, DC.
Stephen F. Szabo, Executive Director of the Transatlantic Academy, is a lecturer at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and an expert on US-German relations.
Guus Valk, Washington correspondent of NRC Handelsblad.