Is there Smart Defense without Smart Integration?

The impact of the eurocrisis on NATO and EU Cohesion

Roundtable Discussion

Center for Transatlantic Relations

Event:   Center for Transatlantic Relations, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS,

BOB 500

June 21st, 2012, 10.00 am – noon


The future of the Eurozone is looking increasingly uncertain. The effects of a worsening debt crisis in Europe will reverberate far beyond the economic sphere, impacting the political cohesion of the European Union and transatlantic security at large. While the recent NATO summit in Chicago reaffirmed the importance of the Alliance in the 21st century, questions regarding European allies military capabilities and strategic coherence are still unresolved. This timely seminar will take stock of the current efforts to address the eurocrisis and discuss its potential impact on European defense and transatlantic security.  A copy of a new CTR publication entitled ‘Dynamics of Alliance Cohesion and Integration: The Implications of the Eurocrisis on the European Security Architecture’ will also be distributed during the conference.


9.30 Coffee

10.00 Introduction Andras Simonyi, Managing Director, CTR

10.05 Keynote Speaker (senior scholar):

  • Robert E. Hunter, Director Center for Transatlantic Security Studies, NDU


10.15 Panel discussion


  • Gergely Varga, Visiting Fellow, CTR


  • Erik Brattberg, Visiting Fellow, CTR


  • Clara O’Donnell, Visiting Fellow, Brookings Inst.


  • Matthias Matthijs, Assistant Professor, American University School of International Service


11.00 Q&A

Moderator: Amb. Andras Simonyi, CTR SAIS


12.00 End of conference