Since the election of Donald Trump, European policy-makers have increasingly wondered about the future of European Security. The president’s remarks on the usefulness of NATO in its current form and his seeming aversion towards multilateral institutions like the European Union have led to concerns in Europe and a wider debate about the future of transatlantic relations.

The annual Munich Security Conference is traditionally a forum where pressing European and international security issues are discussed. What were the main insights on the U.S.-EU-discussion on the future of NATO at the conference? How do the Europeans react to the new political environment in Washington? And what are the implications for the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy?


Dr. Niklas Helwig (SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations)

Prof. Dr. Susan Penksa (Westmont College)

Mr. Jeffrey Lightfoot (Atlantic Council)

Prof. Dr. Joachim Koops (Vesalius College and Global Governance Institute)

Moderated by:

Dr. Dominik Tolksdorf (Heinrich Böll Foundation North America)


– By invitation only –

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