Daniel S. Hamilton, editor



Growing flows of energy, commerce and people across the Atlantic basin are creating new opportunities. Yet they are also creating vulnerabilities that can lead to disruption of such critical functions as transportation, energy flows, medical services, food supply chains and business systems, communications, and financial networks. Drug trafficking, arms flows, cyber threats, manipulation of social media, money laundering, corruption, piracy, political instability, terrorist infiltration and pandemics are all becoming concerns of pan-Atlantic scope.

As part of its Atlantic Basin Initiative the Center for Transatlantic Relations asked experts from the four Atlantic continents to explain and explore how growing pan-Atlantic connections are raising common security challenges, and to recommend ways to address those challenges.

Authors include:

Nancy E. Brune, Daniel S. Hamilton, Armando Marques-Guedes, Laurence Cockroft, Wibke Hansen, Wilfried Relwende Sawadogo, Charlie Edwards, Jennifer Hesterman, Martin Uadiale, Stephen Ellis, Calum Jeffray, Judith Vorrath, Vanda Felbab-Brown, Samuel Kame-Domguia & Phil Williams.

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