Jaan Siitonen (editor)

Since the end of the Cold War, there has periodically been a lively debate whether Finland and Sweden should join the defense alliance or not. The case of Finland is analyzed in the first chapter by Anna Kronlund, Sweden’s double policy is discussed in the second chapter by Magnus Christiansson, the future of European defense cooperation is discussed in the third chapter by Karlijn Jans, in the fourth chapter Managing Director for CTR András Simonyi writes about the American perspective, and in the last chapter, MEP Nils Torvalds discusses why Finland and Sweden need to be discussed in Brussels.

Click here to download the book as a whole. Click the links below to access the individual chapters.

Chapter 1 Debate Over Evolving Partnership- Case of Finland by Anna Kronlund

Chapter 2 The NATO Question in Sweden Under the Trump Presidency- Military Non-Alignment Between Power Politics and Feminist Foreign Policy by Magnus Christiansson

Chapter 3 The EU as a Security Provider in the Trump Era by Karlijn Jans

Chapter 4 Finland, Sweden and NATO: A View from Washington by András Simonyi

Chapter 5 EU, Finland and Sweden. Maybe NATO in the Future? by Nils Torvalds


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